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One-off translators are a hit or miss, big companies eat the budget. We are
1. Localization

Localization that works

How to get pro-quality localization on a limited startup or indie budget?

The secret is working directly with
a customizable,
and self-managed team of top-bracket specialists.
Each team member specializes in particular types of sites, apps, or games and has years of XP behind their belt.

2. Savings

Localization that saves

Work with the talent behind most successful translation companies but without the middlemen and added costs:

Save budget: No staff that drives the pricing up
Save time: No more searching job boards and ending up with the wrong candidate


Localization Platform

Get free access* to our advanced platform with such handy features as:

  • Team-wide communication & direct collaboration
  • Screenshots, comments, character limits for any string
  • QA & code integrity checks
  • TMs & terminology

*No credit card/subscription required

Our capabilities

& customizable

We’ll meet your needs whether you’re a startup, an indie developer, or a small business owner


translation languages


team members


localizers per language


K words per language a day


Choose between a standard team set-up or make up your own


We'll translate your legal and help docs, marketing and social texts


Pay less for less important content or add proofreading


Each member has been carefully vetted & has years of XP


Communicate without the middlemen, delays & broken messages


No extra corporate staff that drives the prices up


Some products we've localized


Indies by spirit. Professionals by trade

French Video Game Localizer, Admin

Aurelie Perrin

  • 7+ years localizing games, website, & apps
  • Worked on many famous titles from some of the biggest studios
  • Motto: More than words
  • Goal: To find a compromise between own needs & gamers' expectations

French Copywriting, Editing, & Marketing Translation

Anne Sophie De Clercq

  • MA in translation, linguistics, & international negotiation
  • Superpowers: Linguistic accuracy, cultural mastery, & business shrewdness
  • Triple E rule: Efficacy. Efficiency. Excellence

Spanish Video Game Localizer, Audiovisual Translator

Diego Parra

  • 2 University degrees in translation
  • Localized titles for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch/3DS, PC, & Mobile
  • Subtitles for HBO, Netflix, TVE, Sundance TV, Atresmedia, Fox Life, & Cosmo

Ukrainian & Russian localization Designer, Team Founder

Artem Nedrya

  • MA in English philology, London Met Uni Certificate in Tech Translation
  • Designing with words since 2012: 40+ games, several websites, dozens of apps localized, hundreds of articles written

To translate is to create, carefully selecting language elements to design a new whole:

Certified English-German translator, Game localizer

Thomas Rühl

  • B.A. in English and German linguistics (University of Mannheim, 2007), M.A. in Translation Studies (University of Leipzig, 2010)
  • One of the winners in the Pro category of the 2015 LocJAM2 game localization contest
  • Member of BDÜ, Publicly Appointed and Sworn Translator for the English

Thomas-Ruhl, German localizer
Spanish Translator and Localizer

Ana Belén Cruz Sánchez

  • B.A. in Translation at the University of Granada (2010), M.A. in Translation and Localization of software, websites, video games, & multimedia
  • Translated content for Microsoft's launches of video games (FIFA17, Gear of War, Forza Horizon, & Halo Wars 2), website marketing copy
  • Specialized in App, Web, Game Localization & Marketing, Fashion Translation

Ana-Belen-Cruz, Spanish localizer
Spanish (Chile, Latin American) Game Localizer

Juan Guillermo Beiner

  • Graduated from EATRI Professional Institute, 2010 (Language Interpretation & Translation)
  • LocJam Video Game Translation Contest 2014, 2015, & 2016 Winner: Pro Category
  • Specialized in RPG, MMORPG, Strategy, Puzzle, MOBA, Adventure, Casino, Mobile Games & IT

Localizing a video game is much more than just translating between languages, as it requires knowing the expectations of a demanding target audience and being commited to deliver no less than an outstanding final product

JG-Beiner-spanish localizer
Dutch localizer & Finance translator

Matthijs den Hartog

  • Utrecht University, Language & Culture Studies, 2012; one more degree
  • Translated content for EA's games and related materials4 an in-house translator for upcoming games developed by one of top three game console makers; localized Pokémon GO 😉
  • Specialized in Stock market trading (Forex), video games, IT, Internet, & politic

When I was younger, I used to be a passionate gamer. Now, I am a passionate translator. I’ve played so many badly localized games when I was younger, that I changed my console and game language into English, because everything sounded much cooler. The key to a good translation into Dutch is that it needs to be cool.

matthijs der hartog dutch localizer
Indies By Spirit. Professionals By Heart

These were just some of us

  • See all members, their experience and specialization, and pick best-fit for your project
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Featured localization team

Some clients
worked with

As a team, we’ve mostly worked with indie studios and small businesses. And in our individual careers, we’ve worked with many world-famous studios and brands.


What clients said
about our team

Woeful Woebots

”The ILT helped Hello Bard and our Woeful Woebots VR shooter reach several new regions. Working with them was a very easy and smooth process. I would definitively use them again for future projects!”

Bard Hole Standal

Designer & Developer, Hello Bard

Shooty Troops

”The ILT has been a pleasure to work with. They are professional, efficient and provide a quick turnaround. Communication with the team is second to none, and they go the extra mile to ensure the translations are accurate. I’ll definitely be using their services in future.”

Dave Evans

Director & Developer, 804 Game Studios

Divine Ascent

“Working with The ILT has been a quite perfect experience one could hope for: quick and effective. I had good communication and many questions about any possible issue so that their translations are spot on. I'll most definitely work with them again.”

Tim Paez

Developer, Absorb Reality

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Yearn: Tyrant’s Conquest

Yearn is a couch strategy game by TripleRam Games where you control 4 maniacal tyrants in their quest for power

  • Client

    TripleRam Games

  • Service


  • Product

    Video game

View Project


Mylivn is a new social network app that lets you create multiple micro-networks around the people and things you love. We’ve reviewed localization into Ukrainian of the app and website.

  • Client

    Mylivn GmbH

  • Service


  • Product

    App & website

View Project

Smash Hit Plunder

Smash Hit Plunder is a PlayStation®VR tear-it-up set in the medieval Castle Carvasso sprinkled with ghostly inhabitants.    Localization into French, Italian, German, and Spanish (Spain)

  • Client

    Triangular Pixels LTD

  • Service


  • Product

    Video game

View Project


EXMO is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that makes trading cryptocurrency easy

  • Client

    EXMO Exchange LTD

  • Service

    Localization Copywriting

  • Product

    Crypto exchange

View Project

Shooty Troops

Shooty Troops — The Endless Arcade Shooter is a fun mobile game developed by 804 Game Studios

  • Client

    804 Game Studios

  • Service


  • Product

    Mobile game

View Project